Why Self Care Is Important For Women | Interview with Selfcareatforty's Tameka Lowe

Are you ready to level up your self care and fall in love with yourself (all over again) like many of our customers are? 

Getting to know our customers through social media interactions and more has been a delight, but we want to continue taking the steps to grow this community and get to know you!

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In our last interview, we spoke with Karissa Fite and learned about how she made the decision to lead her life with gratitude and self love. In our latest interview at Lovet Planners, we introduce a customer and colleague in the self care world: Tameka Lowe of Selfcareatforty Blog.

This is a special interview as we’ve shared countless exchanges with Tameka and can attest that she has so much to share with everyone through her personal experiences and her blog. 

Meet Tameka Lowe

Tameka was born on the island of Jamaica and raised in Virginia. She’s lived in six of the different states of the United States so far. When she’s not writing and creating content for Selfcareatforty, she’s working in the field of Diversity and Inclusion.

“A field I am very passionate about,” Tameka shares with LP. “I believe in equity for everyone. I love that life offers us the opportunity to always reinvent ourselves. In essence, I love that life creates space for us to grow and learn.”

Tameka is no stranger to self care and gratitude. In fact, she’s always had a sense of why they are necessary but it was when she turned 40 that it became more clear.

“As we get older our bodies and minds start to break down, and I wanted to do as much as I can to sustain those things,” Tameka adds, “With age, we start to appreciate things more and we start to pay attention to the things that matters most, so I created my platform to help encourage others to do the same.”

That platform is what’s called Selfcareatforty, a self care blog for all but specifically with women of color in their forties in mind. Tameka set out to speak to women interested in engaging in self love through self care. 

“I want our goal to be; carving out time for self-care even if it only takes a few minutes each day. I want us to be mindful of our small acts of self-care by realizing that small wins should be celebrated too.” - Tameka Lowe, Founder of Selfcareatforty

Tameka turned 40 in August of 2020 and is excited for what the journey has to offer for her. 

“I created this blog for myself because I want to build a platform that will help me manifest the life I want to live. I’m not on some health kick but I’m trying to be more mindful of the way I live life, how I treat my body, and how I treat people around me. Not everything I post will be about living this perfect life. I’m unapologetically human.”

Tameka found Lovet Planners when she was ready to get serious with her blog. She wanted to find organizations and brands with a mutual focus for self care and self love. 

“There are a lot of cosmetic lines, travel and food companies, etc. but not much for self care,” shared Tameka, “so I was happy when I found Lovet Planners. I ordered the Self-Care Planner because I thought it was a great tool for me to use to aid in my own self-care. As a self-care blogger this is essential. The fact that this is a women owned business is a PLUS.”

“What don't I love about it [Self Care Planner]? I love the monthly affirmations, the list of self-care options, and that it gives us the space to sit down and plan and think about our self-care. The planner is an opportunity for us to carve out time for self-care; even if it's just a few minutes which is what I emphasize on my blog.”
- Tameka Lowe, Founder of Selfcareatforty

Tameka believes self care and gratitude offers women a way to cope with everyday stressors, because the actions from each helps with shifting focus away from the negatives. In her perspective, which we share, self care helps us see the benefits and silver linings with continued practice. The more practice, the more prepared you are to withstand those stressors moving forward.

To illustrate this, Tameka shares an example:

When your mind is focused on being grateful, you understand the ebb and flow of life and that you can't control everything; but stressors don't take away from what life has already offered you. Gratitude is self care; that's where the intersection lies because when you are grateful, it taps into your emotional self care.

Getting to chat with Tameka has been insightful and our gratitude overflows! Before we close this interview, Tameka offers some advice for those just getting started on their self love journeys. 

“Be patient. Sometimes we think that change should occur instantly (even if it's with something we're doing for the first time). I started meditating almost ten years ago and it wasn't easy. Personally, I read a lot of books to get a better understanding of the purpose and the process. What works for me is focusing on my breathing and when my mind wonders, I bring it back to my breathing.

This may not work for everyone. Find your meditation niche' but know that meditation does not mean completely clearing your mind, because that's not possible. We also have to be patient with self-love because we are undoing YEARS (possibly decades) of self sabotage. Most importantly enjoy the journey even the frustrating parts of it. It's all a gift.”

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