Lovet Planners Makes Live Debut on WFSB's 'Great Day Connecticut'

When we started Lovet Planners, you best believe that seeing our products covered on television was on our vision board. And on June 7th, that vision board item was manifested.

Because several Lovet Planners items made their live television debut on WFSB Channel 3 Connecticut. Their series Great Day Connecticut aired a segment for Beach Wear, and how Lovet Planners ended up in that category? 

Wait. You’ll see.

Stylist and Trend Reporter Debbie Wright joined Great Day Connecticut hosts Scot Haney and Kara Sundlun to review and share some wellness finds that are perfect for the summertime.

Next to brand names like Firefly Recovery and Spirited Hive, Debbie introduces items from the Manifesting Collectionspecifically the Vision Board Planner and Manifesting Journal–as positive wellness activities you can take anywhere.

When you go to the beach, there’s a lot of room to self care your way. That can range from physical activity on the beach to leisure activities.

With the Manifesting Journal, writing can be a soothing, therapeutic experience. Pair it with the ambiance of the beach and a break from your routine, and you have a fresh mind to journal mindfully about your goals.

Kara Sundlun immediately took a liking to the Manifesting Journal, pointing out they’ve always wanted to do journals, and this one sticks out because it comes with questions already

“These guide you!” Debbie Wright exclaimed.

“Mine’s empty,” co-host Scot Haney responds playfully, looking at the Vision Board Planner assembly pages.

“It gives you ideas and banners so you can vision board your year,” Debbie explains to Scot, walking him through the pages. “But then you vision board your month!”

In the case of the Vision Board Planner, this 12-month planner makes vision boarding a portable experience. While we wouldn’t make our vision boards at the beach personally, it’s great for visualizing your dreams on-the-go.

There are 12 monthly calendars, 12 vision board creation spaces, and the back has pages and pages of cutouts you can use to create your vision boards.

If you’re interested in taking Lovet Planners to the beach to make the most out of your manifesting time, check out the Manifesting Collection, featuring the Vision Board Planner and Manifesting Journal from this segment.

You can watch the Great Day Fashion: Beach Wear segment from WFSB’s Great Day Connecticut at this link:

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