How to Use the Find Your Voice Digital Download

Can they hear you? Are you speaking loud enough? Here’s the tea: You can write until your fingers can’t write anymore, but you can still fall flat when it comes to showing your followers what you’re all about. When you’re on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you might be talking differently here and there. What about when you’re blogging? Yeah? Then we’re already addressing one problem: inconsistency in tone and if you’re still unsure what the heck we’re talking about, this is your sign that you need to find your voice.

You see, when you write to communicate with your audience or following as an Instagrammer or business owner, they’re picking up on the following:

  • Tone
  • Words used
  • Punctuation
  • Etc.

When that is SOLIDLY ingrained in their mind, this allows them to piece together an idea about who you are so it’s important to have some cohesiveness to how you present yourself orally and in written communications. You have to Find Your Voice.


With the Find Your Voice digital download, you will go through your communication objectives through the Why section. This page is purely informational and gives you an outline of why it’s important to have specific intent with how you communicate.



Okay, so this isn’t going to be like some classes in school where you wonder to yourself when am I going to use this in the real world? You’re actually going to use what you learn from this digital download even outside of your immediate brand because it serves a purpose in numerous ways. So in the When section of the digital download, you’ll get a thorough breakdown of where finding your voice can be applied in different facets of your brand. 


Depending on the type of profile or brand you have, you’ll need to decide on your Voice Type. In our chart of examples, there are three columns for Voice Type, Seen Regularly With, and a paired example. Those voice types are:

  • Professional
  • Friendly
  • Relatable

...just to name a few.

This is where the worksheet portion begins!

After you review the informational pages that precede this section, you’re going into draft mode. You’ll be led through different sites online and planning out how you should speak there based on the samples you reviewed. So you’ll see different social media platforms, etc. and even those will have annotations on what your character limit is depending on the platform (i.e. Twitter has a character limit for their tweets).

But first, you’ll decide on what kind of voice you want to assume for your online presence. You’ll check off the box for the type of voice you think best suits you or your brand and then move on to writing.

Once you get your drafts out of the way, sleep on it. Come back after 24 hours and read what you wrote, because let’s be real: we all think differently about what we write after spending some time away. Check off which ones you want to use using the Selected for Use box, and when you publish it, check off the Published box.

This is just one of many digital downloads we offer to help you up your performance online! Leave any thoughts or questions in a comment below, or feel free to contact us using this form.
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