Are Manifesting Journals and Vision Books the same?

You want to manifest your goals and you want to manifest them right. So you look to books, to podcasts, to online resources to steer you in the right direction. When it comes to the Law of Attraction and manifesting, these resources you look to are nothing more than guides and your determination and intention drive the way. 

Visualizing goals and defining intentions is best when put to paper, so you’ll often come across resources for vision books and manifesting journals

What are they? These two manifesting methods often fall under the radar next to vision poster boards, but these tools are just as effective. It just all depends on your manifesting style and process that works best for you.

Let’s start from the top...

Visualizing is the means of imagining and envisioning your goals and aspirations. Studies have proven though that people are more likely to achieve their goals when they put their ideas and thoughts to paper. And there are various options when it comes to how you visualize your goals and dream life. A manifesting journal and vision book are just a few examples, but they’re often confused with one another.

What is a Manifesting Journal?

A manifesting journal is any journal or notebook that is dedicated to writing down your focus and intentions, along with the mindful actions taken towards manifesting. Many will write theirs from scratch but most won’t know where to begin.

You start to get anxious about whether or not your focus is on course in your journal, so maybe writing a manifesting journal from scratch isn’t meant for you. That’s okay! Again, there are various manifesting methods, and just as many ways to approach them. 

So for a more guided experience minus the stress of staring at a blank page, the Manifesting Journal from Lovet Planners is a 52-week experience tailored to manifesting goals one day at a time individually or as part of a bigger goal.

“Write it down on real paper with a real pencil with 

real intent and watch it get real.” 

- Erykah Badu

What is a Vision Book?

On to vision books. The reason why these often get mixed up with manifesting journals is that they both can occur in a notebook. They both have to do with manifesting and visualizing with intention, but they’re different branches of the same tree so to speak.

Vision books, just like manifesting journals, have different ways to approach them. Here we have more branches that branch off to…

  • Vision books with only words
  • Vision books with pasted-in images
  • Vision books that are a little bit of both

The best way to look at vision books is as portable vision boards

They are tools that nurture and encourage visualizing. And instead of putting your visions on a poster board that stays propped up against your wall, you compile all your visions into one book. You can take it with you wherever you go.

What’s the downside of vision books though? There’s nothing wrong with vision books but when you’re putting together a vision book, the need for supplies can be overwhelming and costly.

The Vision Board Planner from Lovet Planners is your solution to quickly getting started with a vision book. It contains pages of cutouts including:

  • Empowering Words & Phrases
  • Fill In The Blank Statements
  • Bank of the Universe Checks
  • Shapes & Objects

After the array of cutouts, you’ll find labeled, blank pages where you can assemble the cutouts and piece together your vision. The top of each blank page is labeled with a different focus or aspect of your life (e.g. Family, Love, Career, etc.). 

“I picked up this Vision Board Planner from @lovetplanners 

because it’s filled will SO MANY FABULOUS cutouts that 

elevate the aesthetic of my vision book.” 

- Mrs. Jassy, Verified Lovet Planners Customer

How To Use Both To Amplify Your Visualizing Process

Both techniques of manifesting are effective, but you can amplify the visualizing process when you include both techniques in your manifesting tool kit. Here’s what we recommend.

  1. Start with the Manifesting Journal
    Making a vision book immediately does come with some dangers like not having a well-defined goal or clear intentions with your vision book. By using a Manifesting Journal, you flesh out the details of your vision as you’d like to see it manifested in reality.
  2. Transfer + Apply Your Manifesting Journal to a Vision Book
    After you detail your visions thoroughly in a Manifesting Journal, take what you’ve learned about your own goals and intentions and apply them in a visual statement; a vision board with pieces that make sense to you and your goals.

    Pro-tip: Use a highlighter and go through your Manifesting Journal to highlight keywords that can help you pick out your cutouts for your vision book.

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