How to Plan 30 Days of Instagram Content In 7 Steps

With the new year in full swing, there’s a buzz for the best way to tackle things that were done in 2019 but...just not as well as we wanted. What is the best way to approach Instagram content? The simple answer is to plan in ADVANCE. You save so much time and stress, but we’re not going to sit here and repeat to you what you already know. Nah. We’re well past that. What we are going to do is show you how you can plan 30 days of Instagram content in 7 STEPS. 

Before we dive in, don’t forget to take into account your target audience and what they’re following you for. If you go off-brand for what makes your Instagram profile what it is, you might take a hit when it comes to your reach and followers.

PRO-TIP: The steps we’re about to cover definitely pairs best with the Instagram Planner.

Let’s get to it!

STEP #1 | Research and Take On Themes For the Month

When you’re following big social media accounts especially on Instagram and Facebook, it seems like they have it all figured out. Well, it’s because they do. It’s because they’ve established what the calendar month looks like from a bird’s eye view. To do the same, you consider the following:

  • What fun holidays are happening?
  • What important awareness campaigns are this month?
  • Special events that parallel with your profile interests and subjects?

If you’re a foodie influencer for example, you would scope out the fun food holidays like National Ice Cream Month. Another example would be the Golden Globes just happened which is prime real estate for fashion bloggers and red carpet photos.

You can map out these monthly themes at the beginning of the Instagram Planner so that you get a more concise look at what content could fit where on certain days.

STEP #2 | Get Your Hashtag On!

Using the Hashtag Bank in the Instagram Planner, you can organize different hashtag groups based on the topic the post is about. We recommend using a hashtag generator site that allows you to type in a keyword and it’ll pull up the most popular hashtags for engagement purposes. After you figure out which of those hashtags you want to use, transfer them to the Hashtag Bank for easier access.

When you’ve settled on those hashtags 100%, we highly recommend having them loaded on a note app on your phone so you can quickly copy and paste them when you post to Instagram.

STEP #3 | Separate Plans For Collaborations

If you’re teaming up with other Instagrammers, those require more thorough planning so set aside time to do that with them. It’s important to understand that depending on your profile, every single day is not recommended for collaborations as it will remove from your personal style and voice. Unsure of what days to pick for posting these collaborations? You can check out the 2020 Content Calendar, plan which posts from it you do want to tackle, and see which days are open for the content idea days that didn’t really vibe with you! 

STEP #4 | Don’t Be Afraid To Repost

If you’re limited in content creation time, you can afford to squeeze a repost here and there within reason that’s not destructive to your Instagram grid. When you look for things to repost, ask yourself:

  • Does this image share my Instagram profile’s aesthetic?
  • Can I give purpose in the caption for this reposted image?
  • Will this invite engagement from my followers?

Also, make sure you tag the original source! Give credit where it is due!

STEP #5 | Utilize Quotes For Engagement

If you need a little bit of copywriting inspiration, search for quotes that are sure to engage your audience. They need to be relevant to what your profile is, so if you’re a foodie Instagrammer, chances are you’re not sharing quotes about the value behind the fashion industry or something of the sort. 

STEP #6 | Don’t Be Afraid To Open Up!

Your followers are part of your journey for a reason. They find you interesting, and while they’re not looking to read about your life story every day, there is value to opening up every so often in your caption. Paired with a photo of you or something else, opening up about you and your life or current happenings makes you more relatable and approachable and people are inspired by that authenticity.

STEP #7 | Put Your Plans To Paper

When your ideas are emerging, don’t let those thoughts expire. Organize them in a planner that’s dedicated to your Instagram and your Instagram only. Separate your content plans for other social media pages to avoid investing too much time into platforms that don’t benefit your personal brand. 

Take all of these steps and create your stress-free process. It’s really a gamechanger to set the right plans with the right focus and you’ll see much better engagement when your angles are more concise! Which tip do you find yourself struggling with? Leave a comment below! Your input helps us create content that’s most beneficial to YOU!

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